Device identification made simple


Protect the integrity of your app with Genome, the smarter way to identify and authenticate your users in native iOS and Android apps.

Genome assigns a unique and persistent ID to your users’ devices so that you can:

  • Track and identify your device fleet.
  • Build a strong understanding of who your users are and spot the bad behaviour from the good.
  • Define follow-up actions to protect your app from fraudulent behaviour.


Want in?

We help companies act on device IDs to protect their app and users. Join our FREE Beta and get Genome into your app now.


We promise to keep your data safe and never share your details or spam you.

Tag and track devices

Add the SDK to your iOS and Android apps to start tagging and tracking your app users with a unique and persistent ID with a few lines of code.


Pair with your CRM data

Pair the Device ID with your own customer data to expand your understanding of your customer base and identifying the good vs the bad users.


Keep your app healthy

Build follow-up actions based on the information collected and protect your app from fraudulent behaviour such as payment fraud, identity theft or bot accounts.